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  • Ryan

My life, or more fittingly, lives, is comprised of 3 main acts.

Updated: Apr 8

Act 1: The great fall

Act 2: Rising up and overcoming

Act 3: Building and living a life I love

I first realized that my story should be told when I first started dating my girlfriend. After first building interest in having a relationship with me, I dropped the bomb: I’m a reformed street junky. “Sorry, I can’t drink any alcohol or do any other mind or mood altering substances with you”, I revealed.

“Oh yeah, and I’m a two-strike felon”.

Once all the cards were on the table, her respect for me actually increased! What’s more, she was engrossed in the stories I told about how I lived in my active addiction, 16 years ago at the time of this writing. People regularly enthusiastically cheered  after sharing my story doing volunteer work at drug treatment facilities, but this was different. This was a “normie”, an “Earth person”, in other words  a non-addict that was fascinated by the train wreck that was my life and how it marched one painstaking step at a time towards excellence by any societal measure.

So I decided to start the process of sharing my story outside of the substance abuse community. I want people to first understand the graveness of how I lived, and full disclosure, to also be entertained by it. :) I mean who doesn’t love a good train wreck with a happy ending, right? Besides, grasping the near fatal lifestyle I lived and the antics of a “hope to die dope fiend”, will establish the baseline one needs to fully appreciate my transformation into who I am today.

So that’s it. The case for following my blog. Expect to see installments in each of the three acts of my lives in no particular chronological order.

Rise up. Overcome. Build a life you love.