This blog documents my enthralling & remarkable story of homelessness, IV heroin & cocaine addiction, and how I overcame it to become wildly successful in all dimensions of my life.


My story is not just for addicts, but for anyone looking to triumph over adversity and find true happiness.

Rise Up. Overcome. Build a Life you Love.



For years jaws have fallen agape as people hung on my every word recounting my story, followed by hunger for more gore and triumph.


Trust me, you will be fascinated by the account of the near fatal lifestyle I lived and the antics of a “hope to die dope fiend”. 


Plus, the above will establish the baseline one needs to fully appreciate my transformation into who I am today.



My life, or more fittingly, lives, is comprised of three main acts.


Act 1: The great fall

Act 2: Rising up and overcoming

Act 3: Building and living a life I love


All of these will, let's just say, hold your attention. Lol.


This shit is better than binge watching Netflix. Promise. 


At the time of this writing I have been completely clean for 16 years (including booze). It's high time to start sharing my story outside of the recovery community.


I want people to understand the graveness of how I lived, and, full disclosure, to also be entertained by it. :) I mean who doesn’t love a good train wreck with a happy ending, right?

But more importantly, I want to inspire. Believe me when I tell you that the success and happiness I have cultivated is just as interesting and valuable as the blood and guts. Hopefully more so.

So that’s it. The case for following my blog. Join me 




P.S. If you or someone you know needs help, or just wants to chat about how to build a fulfilling life, just reach out. 


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Rise Up. Overcome.

Build a Life You Love.

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